Hall’s Wine & Spirits

Hall’s Wine & Spirits

Halls: Concert Halls, School Halls, Halls Cough Drops, all solid thoughts when presented with the word Halls. Me, I immediately associate the word with Halls Grocery in Colleyville. Named after Charlie Hall, a long time resident of the Grapevine/Colleyville area. Charlie was once described to me on a hunting trip in this manner, “He’s not a firecracker, he’s the whole dadgumm grand finale.” Anyone who has the pleasure of being around Charlie knows this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I once heard him threaten to go “MMA” on a customer…he was extremely serious and convincing I might add. But make no mistake, Hall’s is not a grocery store, it’s a gas station on the corner of Glade and 121. If you didn’t know what was behind it’s ordinary glass doors, you would never fathom it held one of the greatest craft beer selections in the metroplex, let alone our great state. It also has an elaborate selection of fine wines and spirits, if that’s your cup of spiked tea.


My father-in-law introduced me to Hall’s about six or seven years ago, and I’ve been frequenting their doors ever since. Craft beer was, and is, the conduit to which my father-in-law and I have formed one of our many bonds. Yes, I am a beer snob…there is no point in denying the blatant truth. I used to think there was only Coors and Corona, and now those beers (if you can honestly call them that) are happily dead to me. I find delight in every form of craft beer, with the exception of pilsners and “smoked” beers. At a beer tasting recently I poured out a very nice “smoked” beer, as it was sold to me as the best smoked beer available. Never again, will I be tempted by this. I mean who wants to mix the taste of a camp fire with anything except a marshmallow?


I could very easily dive head first into one of the many deep rabbit holes when it comes to the intricacies of craft beer. So, instead I will plead with those of you who still call Bud, Coors and Miller their friends, to step out and broaden their horizons. By no means do I think everyone will enjoy some of the beers they experience, but I also think palates can develop over time. The first time I encountered an IPA (Indian Pale Ale) I thought it tasted like hairspray, and now I very much enjoy the floral and hoppy notes of a solid IPA. On my most recent trip to Hall’s, I purchased an Old Rasputin Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout, a Dogfish Head ale brewed with grape must, a Sixpoint ale brewed with fine coffee beans, and another Dogfish Head ale brewed with maple and vanilla. Some of these I will age for a year or longer, and others I will enjoy right away. Craft beer is much like wine in many ways, but I much prefer the brew. Now that we’ve clearly established I am long winded when it comes to this subject, and more than happy to have a beer discussion with anyone out there, here comes the curve-ball…
Halls also has legit BBQ, again you’d never guess this gas station possessed an awesome BBQ and deli counter, but then again it kind of makes since once you figure Hall’s out. They smoke and cook everything in house and it’s very affordable. I am a big fan of their rib plate, served with two sides, I always opt for the mustard based potato salad and brisket filled beans. The ribs are full of fall off of the bone meat, and their home made BBQ sauce is some of my favorite (don’t be scared to ask for extra). They also have delicious brisket, hot links, turkey, and smoked bologna among many other options. I know…I am not a big bologna guy either, but this sandwich is like having a great hot-dog on a bun, with your choice of fix-ins. Still kind of a hard sell I know, but I enjoy it. They also have home made pies for dessert if you have the room.
Hall’s Grocery is full of character, fantastic beer, tasty food, and helpful employees. If you appreciate Hall’s, Hall’s will appreciate you. I am thankful this establishment is in my backyard, and hope many of you will venture out and walk its halls with an appreciation for what they are doing out there.


  1. I’ve visited Hall’s many times but haven’t taken the time to browse their craft beers. Thanks for the reminder that I should.

    Although I appreciate that Hall’s is located a mile from my house, I’m not a big Charlie fan. After knowing a few people that have worked for him, and knowing the character traits that he portrays, I have been hesitant to support him with my dollars.

    Maybe he’s turned a new leaf and I should give him another shot?

    • dudesandfoods

      I have heard many a story about Charlie as well, but do not know the man extremely well on a personal level. I am most familiar with one of his employees, who oversees the beer department. He’s been there for a while, and never had anything negative to say about Charlie. I honestly do not see Charlie in there, near as much as I once did. I can understand being hesitant to support something/someone when things of that nature come into play, but he is a man just like the rest of us full of short comings.

      I am envious of your location to Hall’s, and not, all at the same time. I fear I would browse their weekly beer shipments on an expensively frequent basis! Charlie’s employee Vern has always treated me well, and thats’s really all I have to go on. I hope you go back and check out their wide array of craft beers, and please shoot us any questions you may have regarding the brews. We greatly appreciate you reading our blog, and hope we can steer you in the direction of some awesome eats and drinks!

      -The Dudes-

  2. Mike Evans

    Well done my son-in-law, well done.

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